Saturday, April 19, 2008

Listen for the whisper.... or wait for the Brick!

God whispers in your soul and speaks to your mind.
Sometimes when you don't have time to listen, He has to throw a brick at you.
It's your choice: Listen to the whisper, or wait for the brick. -Unknown

I was just browsing through some of the SPLITCOASTBLOGGERS, and was picking random ones to look at. I was coming up from the end, and stopped at Taylored Expressions - wow... so cool. As I was reading and checking out her post "Papertrey Ink Sneak Peek", and checking out her really cool tree, I browsed to the right, and saw a list of bloggers she visits... HA HA. Silly me, can't do one thing at a time... and noticed KIMS BASEMENT STAMPING... it made me laugh, I stamp in my basement, as that's where my desk is set up... until we move to our own home, and I can maybe have my own room!! WEHOO!! Well, of course I enjoyed myself there too, but again I was was browsing her posts, and noticed a CHALLENGE... with a card sketch. The post titled, "Technostamper's Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge #13" caught my eye, and I saw that Mary Jo (a.k.a. Technostamper) hosted the Sketch Challenge. Well, as my other blog "THINGS ARE GETTING A LITTLE SKETCHY" shows, I love sketch challenges... so of course, I have to click, and check out TECHNOSTAMPER..... and WOW.... that leads me to why I am writing this post.... LOL! (Long story, not shortened!!) =)

As one of my posts below mentions, I added an MP3 player to my blog, and I am really enjoying it... and sometimes, I just put it on in the background when I am surfing online. So my music had stopped, while I was browsing the above, and one of my favourite worship songs came on... DRAW ME CLOSE. What the heck.... so I clicked down on Mary Jo's blog, and found that her MP3 player was playing it.... along with more of my favourite songs!!! WOW~ Thanks for the blessing Mary Jo! (I have yet to comment on your blog). So while I was checking out her blog info... not even getting to the sketch challenges, as they are second to WORSHIPPING GOD... I read a couple quotes she has.

One of which is the one I posted at the beginning of this post...

God whispers in your soul and speaks to your mind.
Sometimes when you don't have time to listen, He has to throw a brick at you.
It's your choice: Listen to the whisper, or wait for the brick. -Unknown

Anyway, I find this to be an amazing quote and wanted to share it... I don't know how many people actually come to read this... I try to remember to post to my FACEBOOK when I post something worth reading... I have to take the time to LISTEN.... take the time to seek His face. In our Young Adults Bible study yesterday, Mark taught us about Seeking God, and the Altar, and how in God's word it says, If we seek the Lord with all our Heart, we will find Him. God tells us to seek Him, and our heart has to make the conscious decision, to help our brain make that decision, and we have to speak it, Your heart Lord, will I seek. I hope I don't have to get hit with the brick too often....

The brick line also reminds me of another cute story I heard somewhere, where a young man's car was hit with a brick by a young boy in need of help... hmm, why not just google it....

Here it is...
A Motivational Story with Wisdom - Stopped By A Brick by Author Unknown
About ten years ago, a young and very successful executive named Josh was traveling down a Chicago neighborhood street. He was going a bit too fast in his sleek, black, 12-cylinder Jaguar XKE, which was only two months old. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no child darted out, but a brick sailed out and -- WHUMP! -- it smashed into the Jag's shiny black side door! SCREECH...!!!! Brakes slammed! Gears ground into reverse, and tires madly spun the Jaguar back to the spot from where the brick had been thrown.
Josh jumped out of the car, grabbed the kid and pushed him up against a parked car. He shouted at the kid, "What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing?!" Building up a head of steam, he went on. "That's my new Jag, that brick you threw is gonna cost you a lot of money. Why did you throw it?"
"Please, mister, please...I'm sorry! I didn't know what else to do!" pleaded the youngster. "I threw the brick because no one else would stop!"
Tears were dripping down the boy's chin as he pointed around the parked car. "It's my brother, Mister," he said. "He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair and I can't lift him up." Sobbing, the boy asked the executive, "Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? He's hurt and he's too heavy for me."
Moved beyond words, the young executive tried desperately to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat.
Straining, he lifted the young man back into the wheelchair and took out his handkerchief and wiped the scrapes and cuts, checking to see that everything was going to be OK. He then watched the younger brother push him down the sidewalk toward their home. It was a long walk back to the sleek, black, shining, 12-cylinder Jaguar XKE - a long and slow walk.
Josh never did fix the side door of his Jaguar. He kept the dent to remind him not to go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at him to get his attention.
---- What a great story!
At times in our lives, we tend to become so wrapped up in other things. We become focused on ourselves or our job we do not realize there are others around us that need our help.
We can react in a negative way to a situation without fully realizing or taking the time to look at the other persons situation. Or to take the time to find out the reason the other person has taken the action that they did.

Don't let the bricks in life hit you, be sensitive to those around you. Catherine Pulsifer

Seek the Lord, while He may be found.... Draw on Him while He is near.

Isaiah 55:6

May you be blessed today and always.... watch out for the BRICKS!

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