Monday, April 14, 2008

My *NEW* Tunes...

YAY! I am soooo excited to add a free MP3 player to this blog and to my Facebook. If you have been here before, you would have noticed right away....

You can add one to yours too... you can choose your own tunes! My player is a mix of some of my fav's... Hope you are blessed as you read the page!

I LOVE to WORSHIP... I love to Sing (although I'm certainly not a CANADIAN IDOL! LOL!)

"When the BIG ONE finds you, may the song remind you that they DON'T SERVE BREAKFAST IN HELL!" ( taken from song #1, "Breakfast)

Music is a BIG part of my life, and just like me, I like a mix of it. I am happy listening to almost any kind of music.... well.... country, opera, and REALLY heavy metal (and hip/hop swearing songs) are some of the ones I can live without! Good ol' Elvis and the Beatles and songs of the 50's are amazing!!! The good ol' 80s songs of high school dances bring back the memories!! LOL!

In the words of Geoff Moore's song, "When all is Said and Done" (the last song on my MP3)

"...When all is said and done.... Will they say I loved my family, that I was a faithful friend? That I lived to tell of God's own Son, when all is said and done?" ... " can forget my name, and the songs I've sung. Every rhyme and every tune. But remember the truth of Jesus' love, when all is said and done!"

I pray that these lines prove true in my life too... I don't want people to know "ME", and I want them to know JESUS!! I pray that they see JESUS in ME, more than ME in ME! In the end, I would love to hear "Well done, thy good and faithful servant"!

May you be blessed today and always. Find a song (or two) that has some meaning for you and your life! It can be a Christian tune, or just a tune that you've heard on the radio or at a secular concert! God can USE anything! Remember that He loves you, and it only takes ONE step to walk back in His arms!! =) HALLELUJAH!!

Have a blessed and ROCKIN' day!

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My MP3 Tunes... Just click PLAY and enjoy!

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*If however you are one who doesn't like tunes on blogs, or do not wish to hear these tunes as your own are playing, please feel free to click pause on the MP3 Player. Thanks!*

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