Saturday, September 4, 2010


Just a quick thought, as I haven't 'blogged' in a while, on any of my blogs. We have been blessed to be on vacation for a week, and that has enabled us to be a part of special camp-meetings being held. Usually due to time, people want to go to things, but they can't. The guest speakers at this camp are quite famous in the sense of well known by people, as they go around the world. My husband however, knew the young man when he was little. He taught him in Sunday School and counselled him at youth camp. Name-dropping came into mind, as people lined up to speak with or even get touched by the minister, and we could just walk up and hug them because they knew us. We don't 'name-drop' for the point of 'name-dropping' to rub it in people's face, but we have relations with people of favour. For example, one of our cousins is actually an actress in the TV show 90210, but we don't walk around telling EVERYONE about it. We are proud of her, and the fact that we knew her when she was little and growing up and see how far she has come. Same as with this guest speaker/minister/prophet. Mark is proud of how far he has come and his family, in their ministry.

We all do it... if we know someone, or meet someone who knows us we bring it up in different circles of friends to 'show off' a little. We are proud, yet we are also trying to make ourselves higher than we are. So as I was sitting in the meeting, I was thinking... in the case of God, we don't 'name-drop', some (not all) of us are actually ashamed to use the name of God in our circles of friends. We don't walk around saying much about our relationship with God... we don't declare enough of His promises and blessings into our lives.

So we need to start 'name-dropping' and share the things that God is doing... No testimony is too small or too insignificant! I for one used to think my testimony was small or insignificant because I was the 'good kid'. I didn't have the background of drugs, or alcohol or sex problems, so God didn't have to do a SIGNIFICANT amount of change in my life. But about 13-15 years ago when I counselled in kids camp, and each of us as counsellors were asked to give a little blurb about our testimonies, I realized that my testimony could be significant in showing kids or teens that YOU CAN do it through God. You don't have to follow temptations and follow the crowd, you can go through and hang out with those who do crazy things, yet still follow God and be true to His word and to the covenant relationship you have with Him. I totally thank God for all He has done, and He has done a SIGNIFICANT change in me, but in a different way then in others, same as He has or will do in YOU! My testimony is one of the provision and protection of God. He brought me through the storms of life safely. Now I wasn't 'Mary', but I was a pretty good kid, as my mom liked to say I was the 'closest thing to Mary' to others when relating about my childhood experiences. There were times when I disobeyed, and even times when I 'broke the law', but was released on account of my past and my mistaken behaviour. But I know that my FAITH in God has brought me through a lot, and I can still relate to others in their situations, and I can tell them about the goodness of God.

So never ever think that your testimony (or your 'story' or 'lifesong') is too insignificant for God to use!

Be Blessed and be a blessing!!


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