Saturday, July 12, 2008

WEEDS.... of life!

Hey everyone...

I don't know how many of you have seen the VEGGIE TALES movie about the RUMOUR WEED, but you don't really think how bad weeds are until you watch it. Most people kill or wee-whack their weeds before they get to far.... but sometimes, a little weed or a little "rumour" can grow quite quickly into a BIG PLANT or mess. So, little to our knowledge, we had a BACKYARD full of weeds growing in leaps and bounds, now that the sunshine can shine into our backyard. Basically, Mark and I had a JUNGLE in our back yard full of weeds. LOL! Had, being the operative word, as we attacked it on Wednesday night. So here are some BEFORE and AFTER pics for you to see.....


THE "BURR" tree.... plant... whatever!


Anyway, I guess this has a spiritual message too... not just about rumours. Don't let the devil plant seeds of problems into your life... or the fruit of God will not grow properly. SOW SEEDS that will produce good fruit. Some weeds may seem pretty, or really neat, but underneath its actually just a BURR plant, which will stick to you, and tear you down. You need to tear down the WEEDS in your life... and you need to get right down to the ROOT. Some roots are actually thicker in size, and need more than a little tug. You need to get the SAW of LIFE (the Holy Spirit) to cut it away right from under the ground. Here is a picture of the BURR "tree" root, that we still need to SAW away.... the underlying ROOT of all our problems is found in satan's deception.... it can only be taken down with the POWER of GOD! And, as you see by the above picture, it takes a lot of time to get rid of them, once they take-over your life. But bit by bit, through the power of God, they will be destroyed.

THE ROOT of the "BURR" tree...

Claim your promises in Jesus, and live the life that God has called you to.
LIVE WEED-FREE! Literally, connotatively, spiritually, etc....
Be blessed!


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