Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook... DAY #1

So while I was 'blog-hopping', I found this site and activity, and unfortunately it is done every Tuesday too... hmmm.... oh well, that's ok, it helps keep this blog updated... (but I will do it for today, and then check back tomorrow to do it for my 'first' Tuesday...)


Outside my window... Hmm, hold on while I open the blinds... LOL! Right now it is dark, because it is 11:30 at night. There are many townhouses and apartment buildings in my view, some are dark, and some have a light on. Some even leave a bright light on through the night, which is a little weird to me... but then it reminds me of the message we heard Sunday night at church, where JESUS is the LIGHT, and he dispells darkness. There is NO darkness in Him. I thank the Lord that there are still those who 'let their little light shine' in this dark world, and I thank Him that I (and my family) am ONE OF THEM! "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16 NIV
I am thinking... that I really need to go to bed BEFORE Midnight... and I also have a lot on my mind that I cannot disclose here. I am also thinking, why oh why did I start this quiz now... it is 11:33 PM, really I took 3 minutes to answer the first question?? LOL!

I am thankful for... ALOT!! Nothing compares to the blessing of my SALVATION in Christ, and REALLY KNOWING Him! I am thankful for my loving man of God husband, who is more than amazing. I am thankful for my family... and for lots more...

From the learning rooms...(if this applies) Hmm... we all should have 'learning rooms' at least even in our hearts. I work in a Preschool, so I am in a 'learning room' everywhere I go... A teacher is a teacher, but if she/he is a great one, she/he also is a learner. Today, hmmm.... what did I learn? GOD IS EVEN MORE AMAZING than I KNOW. My GIFTS are not just found in my talents, but also in my characteristics and personality. GOD MADE ME ME for a REASON... so that I can share it with the world, to glorify Him! I am excited to become a "Me-ier Me"!

From the kitchen... eek... ANTS! LOL! I try hard to save most of them... yet I have to kill some, and I tell them before hand (like I think their friends are listening) that they don't belong in my house, so I have to get rid of them... LOL! (now I didn't have to kill any in the kitchen today, just the bathroom (where I flushed him)! My husband did the cooking tonight... and so I really haven't seen much of the kitchen today. I was just down there to get a bottle of water for my thirst... and my "PINK LEMONADE" Crystal Lite! Yum! =)

I am wearing... the clothes I wore to work. My jeans and my 'MUZUNGU' T-shirt. I was blessed with the privilege of going on my 1st Mission trip to Kigali, Rwanda, Africa last September for 2 weeks, and there the Rwandans call 'white people' 'MZUNGUS'.... it's really funny when you walk down the street and there is no one, and all of a sudden a whole group of kids come running, yelling 'Muzungus'... It was a name in 'respect' too, it wasn't like they were making fun of us... so of course I loved it, so we bought a T-shirt with 'Mzungu' on it. I wore it today, because the 'mission team' that went this year was coming back TODAY from a 2 day flight delay from Rwanda. They were stuck in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia for 2 days. They were due home to CANADA on Sat at 2:00PM, (home at around 5:00 PM), but instead they got home today (Monday) after dinner. I wore it to think of them in prayer. I wore my 'RWANDA' T-shirt the day they left, to think of them in prayer as well... =) (of course I prayed while they were gone)!

I am creating... interesting BLOGS to inspire the 'world' of readers... I have this one, and I have a Christian devotional one "Fresh As A Daisy Devotionals & More", and another one that is of the devotional nature following my 30-Day True Woman Make-Over right now (I'm on Day#17), "Cre8ted 2 Share"... I also have a photo one, that I have to update... "Cre8ted 2 Shine"! Thanks for checking them out if you do...

I am going... to bed!! (as soon as I finish this!)

I am reading... "The ME I Want To Be" By John Ortberg! AMAZING BOOK... I totally recommend it, and recommend doing the 'bible study' that goes with it too. I want to start that now too! <3 Obviously I am reading lots of blogs too... I love 'blog-hopping'!

I am hoping... that God will be in control of different situations, and I know that He is going to fulfill His promises... and I AM EXCITED to be a part of that too!!! THANK YOU LORD!! I claim those blessings and promises!!

I am hearing... silence, because it is late, and my husband is probably already in bed, possibly asleep... I am also hearing the voice of Holy Spirit, and wanting to have all things done for the 'good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose'. (Romans 8:28) --- hmm, actually I hear worship music still from my husband's CD...

Around the house... is a BIG mess that I need to get busy on... so that I can make room for the 'promises'!! WEHOO! Praise the Lord!

One of my favorite things... is going to bed... LOL... Resting in the presence of the Almighty God, my Heavenly Father, my Heavenly Daddy... just being able to 'run' into the presence, and sit on His lap, and have Him hug and embrace me...especially after a long day at work (or when I am stressing/thinking about things that are bothering me regarding my family and friends)! PRAISE THE LORD!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... WORK... Um, ordering something from PAMPERED CHEF for my cousin... cleaning the 'BIG' mess that I spoke of earlier... LOL! TO BE IN BED BEFORE 12:00 more than ONCE this week... I have like 4 minutes tonight...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
This picture is of me in Rwanda, with a MZUNGU shirt, however I bought the BLACK t-shirt, not the blue one.
Oops... it's 12:02 AM, because I am waiting to upload my pic! Oh well, I am on the way... I had a small nap after work today which probably wasn't a good idea...

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