Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook... Day #2 (for May 17/18, 2010)

...ok so I was so excited to start this game on Monday... yet on Tuesday I forgot to go back and get the new one, as I of course had to watch BIGGEST LOSER!! Finale is next Tuesday, so I think I may have to do next week's earlier in the day... =)

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW... Again, it's dark... my window is also a little dirty... LOL! What a beautiful day we had today, we can truly say "THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE, I WILL REJOICE & BE GLAD IN IT!"

I AM THINKING... My mind is kind of at rest... which is a good thing. I guess I am thinking about what to respond today for today's DAYBOOK... (although it was really supposed to be for yesterday) Yesterday I was thinking about BIGGEST LOSER!! WOW, Final 4 is going to Final 2 and a VOTE for America... one thing that sucks about BL is that only Americans can vote! GO DARIS! (Koli I love ya man, and ya worked hard, but this season the BL contestants proved it's not all about 'ME'... They loved and supported each other!) For who I want to win... um, I really don't know that for sure yet. I really don't want Ashley to win, yet another PINK victory... I would really love to see Michael really thin, and Daris... Koli is awesome... but I dunno!

I AM THANKFUL FOR... WOW, alot! Today (& yesterday, and alot recently) I am thankful for 'unanswered prayers, and answered ones', and for not 'settling'. Thank you Lord for granting me wisdom to move on, and receive the 'best' that you wanted for me! I await with great expectation the fulfillment of more blessings and promises! <3

FROM THE LEARNING ROOMS... (well since I don't homeschool, but I am an ECE this somewhat applies) Today we learned more about 'creepy crawlers' (as did we yesterday), so yesterday we talked about 'The Grouchy Ladybug' (a book by Eric Carle, author of the Very hungry Caterpillar). We talked to the children about things that make them grouchy. Pretty funny responses... One of the children told me what makes him grouchy, but that he wasn't grouchy. He kept saying, 'but I'm not grouchy'.

I AM WEARING... My bug shirt (as it was dress like a bug day at work), and my jammie pants... Yesterday I am not sure what I was wearing... I know I wore my RED Hawaiian Tropic Shirt (for ladybug day)... My jammie pants are comfy and they of course have POOH bear on them. =)

I AM REMEMBERING... to do this post, and the RANDOM DOZEN one I need to finish after... and to also finish my BLOG for my 30-Day True Woman Make-over.

I AM GOING... to put on some music, as it is very quiet here tonight... and hopefully I will be in bed before 12:00... LOL!

I AM READING... the same book, "The ME I Want To Be" by John Ortberg! I love it!

I AM HOPING... that answers to prayer will come quickly... for me, my family and others...

I AM HEARING... the song "PRAYER FOR A FRIEND" by Casting Crowns! <3

I AM PRAYING... for a few friends... "Lord I lift my friend[s] to You, I've done all that I know to do, I lift my friend[s], to You. Complicated circumstances have clouded [their] view. Lord I lift my friend[s] up to You. I fear that I won't have the words that [they] need to hear. I pray for Your wisdom oh God, and a heart that's sincere. Lord I lift my friend[s] up to You. Lord I lift my friend[s] to you, my best friend[s] in the world I know [they] mean much more to You. I want so much to help [them], but this is something [they] have to do. Lord I lift my friend[s] up to You. There's a way that seems so right to [them]. But You know where that leads. [They're] becoming a puppet of the world. Too blind to see the strings. And Lord I lift my friend[s] up to You. Lord I lift my friend[s] to You. I've done all that I know to do. I lift my friend[s], to You..."

ON MY MIND... obviously the above situations... work, home, family, and the PEACE of God that passes all understanding and His love and JOY!

NOTICING THAT... the days are passing faster...

PONDERING THESE WORDS... "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle... I just wish He didn't trust me so much!" ~Mother Teresa. Actually I am glad that God has entrusted me with soooo much. I love it! I just have to remember that I NEED HIM to handle it all!

FROM THE KITCHEN... well, my honey-bunny had a WORK DINNER tonight at the KEG... the managers were all treated to a dinner because they did really well last month in their store... (but no spouses) so I got to have KIPPS LANE FISH & CHIPS (yum!) Not quite the same as the KEG steak's, but still delicious... so there was nothing from the kitchen technically today! LOL!

AROUND THE HOUSE... is still a MESS... but it's becoming an organized mess... LOL!

I AM CREATING... these fun blogs, and hopefully more cards & crafty creations soon... that is another mess I have to tidy. LOL!

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS... Children! Their innocent faith, and being able to impart into their lives! =)

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK... Hmmm... well we have to mow/cut/whippersnipper the rest of the church lawn (almost done)... now we have added 'cleaning the daycare' to our chores for Friday... and then ANITA PEARCE is coming to minister at our church this weekend... it's the LOOOONNNGG weekend, yet my honey-bunny works all weekend... so we are hoping to go to the movies on SAT evening, to see IRON MAN 2. (Please don't comment anything regarding the movie, I like to watch EVERYTHING! THANKS!)


My honey-bunny! LOVE YOU BABE!

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