Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook... Day #3 (for May 25th, 2010)

Ya, so I am not doing terribly well at this 'Tuesday' thing... as this week was rather eventful... and again BIGGEST LOSER was on, the FINALE... so here I sit on Saturday evening... I will answer for today, as I don't really remember back to Tuesday all that well... Wednesday was my husband's 39th birthday!

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW~ is my sad car... Someone ran into my husband on his birthday... and it has a cracked windshield (from the airbag), and a little smushed in hood and scraped bumper. Awww... we are waiting for news from the 'adjuster' and 'insurance' to whether we are going to get money to fix, or to buy a new vehicle!

I AM THINKING~ of my husband... as he is at work now until 3 am... with all the interesting 'drunk' people who are up at that hour.

I AM THANKFUL FOR~ God and His protecting angels, who were with Mark on Wednesday during his accident. A car is replaceable, but certainly not him! PRAISE THE LORD!

FROM THE LEARNING ROOMS~ Hmm... we have learned alot this past week. Our theme was 'The Birds & the Bees' (ha ha, it's not what you think). Beautiful birds and buzzing bees... we enjoyed Honeycomb Hives, and a walk to the park with our binoculars. We also had to say 'see ya later' to our Co-op Student. She was a great asset to our team, and she will be missed. However, her Co-op teacher is letting her return next semester instead of doing another co-op... YAY!

FROM THE KITCHEN~ Ha ha ha! I am loving this question/topic the most. I haven't spent much time in our kitchen... since it was Mark's birthday, Wednesday we (the two of us) went out for dinner and bowling. (I beat him both games, but he wasn't focused on the game, he was thinking of his 'eventful' day.) Thursday we went to dinner with 'his side' of the family to Crabby Joe's, and Friday we went out with my parents. Mmm... we had dinner at the Keg, what a surprise! I had been wishing for CRAB LEGS... and I got 'em! (THANKS AGAIN Mom and Dad F!)

I AM WEARING~ A mixmatched outfit... LOL. I had shorts and a tanktop on earlier, and then we had to cut the church grass, so now I have a light t-shirt on, and my shorts. I smell like grass, gas, and oil... YUM! Maybe it's a good thing Mark isn't here... LOL!

I AM REMEMBERING~ my Grandma! She passed away in 1997 (13 years ago today) on May 29th. She was just a few days short of her 84th birthday... instead of her birthday party, we had her funeral and memorial on June 1st. I miss her terribly, as I used to visit her alot, and she used to come to our home alot, and I 'Grandma-sat' her. She had the best humour, and a positive outlook on life. I loved playing the piano for her, and the residents at the home/hospital. Actually the main reason I remember this day (rather than the days my other grandparents passed away) is that I was in the hospital room with her, holding her hand as she slept, and as she 'graduated into glory'. The nurses had to awaken me, and let me know what had happened. She meant alot to me, and she knew it.

I AM GOING~ well, originally I was going to clean my 'craft' area... but I don't really feel like it right now. I do have to catch up on my devotionals for my 30-Day True Woman Make-over though... and of course finish my lesson for tomorrow's "THE YOUNG GOD CHASERS".

I AM READING~ "The ME I Want to Be" by John Ortberg... I have like 1-2 pages left. It is so good, I have re-read some bits and pieces, incase you are wondering why its' taking me this long to read it. I try to read a little everyday, but that doesn't always happen. I am looking forward to beginning a STUDY GROUP with others from my church on this book. Check the info out here. I am looking forward to also starting a *NEW* book, "Becoming God's True Woman" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It goes along with my 30-Day Makeover... Check her page out here...

I AM HOPING~ that I will never give up hoping... I am a HOPER, not a SETTLER. Thank you Lord for your answered and unanswered prayers... You hold all things in Your hand. I must remember "God isn't at work producing the circumstances you want. God is at work in bad circumstances producing the YOU He wants." ~John Ortberg (The ME I Want to Be, page 237)

I AM HEARING~ The sound of my air conditioner... Thank the Lord for air conditioning. It was a scorcher today... I am also clicking my music player back on, and listening to ANITA PEARCE. Check out her ministry page here.

I AM PRAYING~ Ugg... still for the same 'friends/family', as some have 'tough' decisions to make, and other's lives really need GOD'S TOUCH to be changed, and remain changed. I am also remembering to 'pray' to God all day, everyday. Don't just bring your requests... remember to thank Him, praise Him and worship Him! <3

ON MY MIND~ Well, gosh... obviously the above is still on my mind. I am a lover, a peacemaker, a people person, and friend who loves and cares. I try to tell myself to leave it alone, and let them do their own thing... but out of love and respect, I have to be involved still. I am just glad that God is in control, and we have given it ALL to Him. I am also thinking of Grandma, Mark, and other stuff.

I AM PONDERING THESE WORDS~ I already shared the main one above, "God isn't at work producing the circumstances you want. God is at work in bad circumstances producing the YOU He wants." ~John Ortberg -- which reminds us that bad circumstances do happen for a reason, and we are to be changed and altered by GOD Himself. We need to stop letting our cirumstances control our joy, peace, etc... GOD IS IN CONTROL. We needn't fret, worry or stress so much. John also shared/tweeted this message... very thought-provoking...
Jack Nicholson: "You can't handle the truth" (in A Few Good Men)
Jesus: You shall know the truth & the truth will set you free. (in the BIBLE)
Do you believe Jesus or Jack?

AROUND THE HOUSE~ is still a MESS... ha ha... It's getting fixed little by little...

I AM CREATING~ ha ha... not much 'creatively' in my craft area (as it is one of the areas that needs a cleaning). I am enjoying my blogs, etc... and photo editing. I have taken a lot of pics with my *new* camera, and found new and fun editing sites online.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS~ My CANON REBEL XS... My *new* camera... (well its not so new anymore) it is so much fun. New things I am learning every time I use it. I highly recommend it! So much more fun than a 'point and shoot', although I still use mine when I don't want to ruin my CANON.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK~ Well, as I said, this is Saturday, so the week is just about over. Tomorrow is church... AM I teach the "Young God Chasers" and in the PM I get to go to service. I play the piano on the worship team, and I am becoming more comfortable, and letting the Holy Spirit lead me as I play.

This is my husband at one of his 3 birthday dinners! What a handsome guy! He's my superhero!

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