Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook... Day #4 (for June 8th & 9th, 2010)

Ok, so I am REALLY NOT doing well on doing this on Tuesdays... but I am excited, because I got an invite to join another fun MEME-type activity... Wednesday Wickedness... found here! Thanks Janera! =) It looks fun! =) I will do that one after I finish this one (and the Random Dozen)... Ooops!

So, here goes, for today... =) (Wednesday actually...)


It's pretty dark, cause its now 11:06 PM. Our 'broken' car is no longer parked outside... I miss it! =*( Our rental car is now parked in it's spot. We are awaiting details regarding the purchase of a new vehicle, which I would love to see in the spot next time I write this... =)

I AM THINKING... of wedding stuff... for my sis-in-love, and of course of Mark... but he is home with me this week! YAY! <3
I AM THANKFUL FOR... GOD! He is my EVERYTHING! =) I am also THANKFUL that the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS won the Stanley Cup tonight... I sooooo did not want PHILLY to win. (Truly I wanted the HABS/CANADIENS to win the STANLEY... but there's always next year!)
FROM THE LEARNING ROOMS... We have been learning about PICNICS IN THE PARK this week... and Friday we are going to a local park (if it doesn't rain) and possibly to the splashpad there too! The kids will be soooo excited, so we are praying that the rain stays away (at least for our picnic and trip there and back). We are also busy working on TOP SECRET presents for our F.U.D.G.E. (Daddy's Day Gifts). F.U.D.G.E. stands for Friends, Uncles, Daddies, Grandpas, etc... (as some of our kids do not have 'Dads').

FROM THE KITCHEN... Well again this week, I have no news from my own kitchen... ha ha! We have had leftovers, and fast food this week, as it is much faster, and we have to clean out our fridge. Tonight we served at ARK AID, so their kitchen was hopping. Mmm, we had lasagna and pizza... well we didn't... but almost 100 people did! PRAISE THE LORD!

I AM WEARING... my jeans, and my new tanktop from my Mommy... it's so cute! =)

I AM REMEMBERING... how blessed I am! Thank you Lord!! <3

I AM GOING... to bed soon, it is 11:23 PM now.
I AM READING... "ONE GIRL CAN CHANGE THE WORLD" by Claudia Mitchell and Kim Goad, and will be reading "LINEAGE OF GRACE" by Francine Rivers with my Church BOOK CLUB. I am excited to join them this month, I missed out on the last one.

I AM HOPING... (the same as the last one, cause its good...) that I will never give up hoping... I am a HOPER, not a SETTLER. Thank you Lord for your answered and unanswered prayers... You hold all things in Your hand. I must remember "God isn't at work producing the circumstances you want. God is at work in bad circumstances producing the YOU He wants." ~John Ortberg (The ME I Want to Be, page 237)

I AM HEARING... the voice of the Lord in my spirit, which is awesome. I totally feel the presence & power of God. I am actually listening to "ABOVE ALL" sung by Michael W Smith. AWESOME SONG! <3

I AM PRAYING... Ugg... still for the same 'friends/family', as some have 'tough' decisions to make, and other's lives really need GOD'S TOUCH to be changed, and remain changed. I am praying for GOD'S WILL to be done in our lives and in the lives of our FRIENDS and FAMILY! I am thanking the Lord for NEW BEGINNINGS!! More answers are coming, and life is getting a little easier. God is showing me that He is still at work, even if we (or others) take steps off the path He has chosen for us... He can turn 'crap' into 'great', and things CAN and WILL happen for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. I am praying for our NEW VEHICLE too, for favour and blessing, and that we get the RIGHT one for us, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. We are hoping to get a 'minivan', as 'build it and they will come', will be our STEP OF FAITH, to beginning our 'family' too! <3 Thank you Lord for fulfilling your promises, if only we CRY OUT to you! GREAT THINGS CAN AND WILL HAPPEN! =)

ON MY MIND... the above... wedding invitations and preparations etc..., and Mark! <3

I AM PONDERING THESE WORDS... "The grass is always greener, when there are NO sides". (I saw this on a sign tonight) These words are great... so prophetic as well, as God wants ONE CHURCH, ONE FAITH, ONE GOD... no sides, no denominations, no barriers, etc. Peace and green grass... where HE LEADS US. (Psalm 23 - The Lord is my Shepherd)

AROUND THE HOUSE... Of course there is a BIGGER mess, as we had to empty our 'old' car out, and someone came to pick it up. =*( The piles are in our living room! =( We are slowly tidying though, so its all gonna be good!!

I AM CREATING... so many things... now I have added 'wedding items' to the list again. I am in midst of making my sis-in-love's wedding invitations. I could post pics for my pic, but the memory card is downstairs (so I will add it later for my pic of the week) =) 
ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS... Laughing and making others smile & laugh... and sharing JESUS' love while doing it! Tonight at the ARK I made a few people smile and laugh. One of the men, I told him it was good to see him smile, and he said, well smiles can be deceiving... I told him, but eyes cannot be. A fake smile, and your eyes still show anger or sadness... but a true smile, and your eyes smile right along with your mouth. He smiled, and then his eyes smiled even bigger, and he thanked me! =)

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK... Hugging Mark lots... and of course working on the above mentioned 'wedding stuff', as it should have been out like YESTERDAY... LOL! I was 'supposed' to take a day off this week, to work on wedding stuff... but really, I'd rather get paid, and just stay up late working. =) No one else understands that, but I would rather hang out with the 'little people' who make me smile, and give me hugs all day, then stuck inside cutting, taping, distressing, assembling, etc... THANK YOU LORD for your strength, patience, time, and creativity/gifts! <3


Picture of the sample invite COMING SOON... have to upload it to the computer... but not now, as it is now 11:37 PM. I think we should add that to the MEME... TIME STARTED and TIME ENDED... that would be fun to see how long some actually take to answer. =)

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